Zebra Blinds


Zebra blind are one of the most modern types of internal window covers. They are both effective in protecting the interior from excessive sunlight and have high aesthetics, which makes them a unique decoration for windows and rooms.

The unique appearance of the zebra blinds is the most eye-catching feature. They consist of two layers of material: one transparent and the other covering. The fabric arranged in this way creates alternating stripes.

Zebra blind will prove themselves in any room, they will be functional in the kitchen and in the living room or in a larger space when the kitchen and living room are combined, and they are also suitable for large windows. You can also use them in the bedroom, in the children's room or in the bathroom. The versatility of zebra blinds is so important that one type of blinds can be used in the whole house. The design of the interior is therefore coherent and harmonious.

Manual Zebra Blinds

  • Suitable for all size of the window panel
  • Double-Ply roller blind allow different sunshine effects.
  • Blinds of two screen can be adjusted to half view
  • Special Zebra blind designed with powder coated pelmet box



System   Zebra - Crystal   Zebra - Chain

Width   18" - 90"    18" - 90"

Height   20" - 100"   20" - 100"

Min Area Charges   20 sq.ft   20 sq.ft