Roller Blinds


Standard roller blinds are probably the most popular choice when creating home or office interiors. They are minimalistic, extremely versatile and can be made with various types of fabrics, be it thin, thick or natural textile.

Roller blinds are a practical and functional window covering solution for all types of windows. These roller blinds are installed either on a window frame, recess or ceiling. They can be operated with the help of a cord, a bottom handle or motorised. Roller blinds are fastened onto the window frame, wall or ceiling with two holders.

Manual Roller Blinds

  • An attractive window dressing for any interior
  • The most popular selling style of all time
  • Space effective and easy to operate with Safety First End Cap
  • Available with Cordless system to offer clean and contemporary feel



System   Crystal Ball Chain   White Ball Chain   Auto Spring

Width   6" - 100"    6" - 100"   27" - 80"

Height   6" - 168"   6" - 120"   26" - 100"

Min Area Charges   20 sq.ft   20 sq.ft   20 sq.ft